Head shots

Everyone needs a great headshot portrait for today’s online world, and a selfie just isn’t putting your best look out there. It’s essential that you choose the right photographer, and we are one of the best headshot/portrait photographers today. Investing in yourself and your online image really is the best investment you can make in today’s media driven world.


Our pricing is simple with no hidden costs | Just INR 2000 for your headshot session.


  • • 45-minute photo studio shoot on different backgrounds.
  • • Outfit change for you have different clothing “looks”.
  • • 50 Photoshop color corrected, contrast and brightness adjusted head shots sent to you that day after your shoot.
  • • NO hidden fees or extra costs.
  • • Money back guarantee. If you don’t like the head shots, we will refund your money.
  • • No prints only digital,
  • • Prints at extra cost.
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